Multiple fishing vessels arrested/charged

Since the start of 2018, a number of fishing vessels have been caught fishing in Marine Parks throughout the Bahamas. As a result, these fisherman received hefty fines, and the confiscation of their precious fishing gear. Fines for such offenses can potentially lead to jail time and the confiscation of the vessel itself.

Mariner, wants to prevent this from happening to any other fisherman, by giving them a simple too to ensure they are in recreationally viable waters.

Mariner will alert you when:

  1. You have entered a Marine Protected Area

  2. You have left a Marine Protected Area

Over the next few years, the MPA network in the Bahamas will continue to grow as well as the resources for monitoring them. It is more important than ever for fisherman to be aware of these changes and the boundaries for MPAs. Recently there have been confirmed use of drones to monitor certain Parks. With Mariner, fisherman will be able to fish throughout the Bahamas with confidence, and enjoy the incredible fishery the Bahamas still has in a legal, and sustainable way.

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